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Inspiration and SOUND


The Herbal Remedies seeks to remind our audience of its close connection to nature and to each other. Consciously written poetic lyrics invoke the wisdom, shared by all creatures, of how to live at peace with the earth which sustains us, and how to have compassion for one another. Tranquil melodies and intentional harmonies conjure a similar sense of well-being to that achieved when immersed in abundant and beauteous natural landscapes.

Our raw and pure sound draws on folk traditions from around the globe, yet the outcome is unmistakably contemporary. This balance invites people with diverse sensibilities to feel close to our music due to its familiarity, while being intrigued with its newness. Active engagement with the earth and in community informs our voice, and recognizing music as one of the most unifying forces we revel in the experience of creatively exploring these ideals through this medium.




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The Herbal Remedies is a trio of artists/community members each bringing an essential aesthetic element to our music, and each equipped with complementary strengths contributing toward community organizing and event planning. Musically, Thistle lays the foundation with a guitar style that blends early blues and West African harp playing, and a vocal quality that is sincere and emotive; Tzippy brings to that her passion for traditional music of South Eastern Europe shared through multiple instruments and singing; Katie has the sensitivity and versatility to blend the merging styles with acumen, through both vocal harmonies and violin.

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