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Song Circles

What makes a song perfect for group singing? It needs to be short, sweet, savory, and rich. It needs to be something that everyone can learn and enjoy, regardless of experience in the realms of music-making. Throughout our travels we collect such songs, and as a trio we lead Community Song Circles to bring the music right into the body; into the lungs, vocal chords, hearts, and souls.

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Music Therapy and


Zen Shiatsu Treatments

Nourishing Restoration, Growth, and Assurance

Supporting balance and integration in the environments I inhabit, is my calling. Since 2011, I have provided people in the Chicagoland area a wide range of psychological and creative services to suit their needs. Whether you’re an individual, a couple, a social group or a family looking for authentic engagement - my therapy and collaborative sessions are designed to reflect back your inherent worth, potential, existing challenges, and co-developed to support you in the journey you envision for yourself. Take a look at the opportunities I offer, and get in touch with me today. Book an Appointment today!


Sound Journeys

Take a solo or group sound Journey with friendly and sensitive facilitators Thistle, Katie and Tzippy.

"My desire to lead sound journeys comes from a personal lived experience of music as a self healing therapeutic modality. I have known about the healing power of music from a young age and have been exploring the vast range of emotions of the human experience ever since I could hum or tap a beat. Through vocal expression, exploration on the clarinet, banjo, autoharp, guitar, hand drums and other musical instruments I have tapped into a deeply beneficial means of promoting wellness and vastly increasing my sense of well-being. I have a sincere hope that my sound journeys will guide my audience into meditative states and create a safe space where the listener is able to relax into a state of heightened awareness and elevated consciousness.  My ultimate goal is that my listeners would take this new sense of peace with them after the music stops, letting the journey continue into their everyday lives, recognizing the beauty in the world around them in each moment."               

- Thistle

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